Coupon Brags

Oct 7, 2011
Pantene conditioner value $7.49 I paid ($0.00) + tax
Pantene Shampoo value $7.49 I paid ($0.00)  + tax
Covergirl value $6.49-$5.99 I paid ($0.00) + tax
Cepacol value $4.99 I paid ($0.00) + tax
Nivea value $2.00 I paid ($0.00)+tax
Preparation H  value $4.00 I paid ($0.00)+tax
crazy bandz value $1.00 I paid (0.25)+tax
Nasal Spray value $7.00 I paid (0.00) + tax
Over all I had a good week.
August 21 2011...
Reach tooth brush value  $1.47  I paid 0.00. (FREE)
scot tape (fillers) value $1.49 each I paid $0.39 each
Air Wick ulta value $7.99 each I paid $0.99 each
and I really wanted to eat M&M and was going to buy some regardless. but I had a choice. $1.30 for a small bag or coupon $1.50 for the large bag.  soo...
large bag of M&M milk chocolate value 3.29 I paid $1.50

 Pert- value: $5.99  I paid: $0.00 + tax (Free)
Scope- value: $4.27 I paid .75 + tax each
Reach single toothbrush- value $4.49 I gained .25 each (money maker)
Revlon scented nail enamil- value $4.79 I gained $2.00 (money maker)
Omega Smart super krill- value $23.00 I paid $0.00 + tax (Free)
Trident gum- I forgot but it was cheap.
Crayola Crayon- Value:? I paid $0.00 + tax (Free)
Crayola Markers- Value:? I paid $0.00 + tax (Free)

Gillette Fusion ProGlide: I cost me: 89 cents + tax per item
Reach Toothbrush: It cost me: $0.00+tax gained:$1.00
Right Guard Body wash:It cost me:$0.00+tax
Right Guard Deodorant:It cost me: $0.00+tax
Crest toothpaste:It cost me: $0.00+tax
IcyHot naturals:It cost me:$0.00+tax
Healthy women pills:It cost me:$0.00+tax
Omega fish oil:It cost me:$0.00+tax gained:$2.00
Goodys extra strength:$0.00+tax
garden tools, shaped erasers, stickers,nail stuff, cd: 25-50cents each